FinEffi: Your Trusted Partner in energy Cost Reduction

FinEffi reduces electricity costs for homes, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and MSMEs and is commited to reduce 20 to 45% of your energy costs. We use IOT & data Analytics to make you aware of your energy consumption & solar generation.

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Why Work With Us

FinEffi is led by people who have been passionately working for Energy Conservation for Industries and Commercial buildings with more than 20 years of experience and more than 500 energy conservation projects. It is this proven experience that powers the AI based interface to work for you. We have a dream. A dream to scale up energy efficiency in India.. For this dream, our initiatives in energy costreduction have cosnistently delivered savings to the tune of 20-25%. Let the best handle your energy.

FinEffi services

We find and deliver what you need. he first step in solving any problem is realizing there is one equipped with your facility date, our A ascertain your energy solving potential precisely


Identify energy saving projects specific to your facility.


Faster procurement and implemenattaion of projects


Finicing support if needed provided by trusted finaciers


Reduced projet management cost while ensuring result

Lower Life Cycle Cost

High perfoermance equipment with plenty of allied operational efficieny delivered

Onsite Support

Complete onsite and online support till the payback is achieved extendable on need


Complete onsite and online support till the payback is achieved extendable on need


Complete onsite and online support till the payback is achieved extendable on need


  • What is FinEffi?

      FinEffi in the simplest of definitions, is a mixture of two important concepts: Finance and Efficiency. FinEffi is an end to end solution provider company aiming to scale up energy efficiency implementation in the commercial buildings sector in India. The philosophy FinEffi follows is: With simplest of data from the customer’s facility, we should predict his/her Savings potential with high accuracy and provide a complete end-to-end service so that the predicted Savings Potential is achieved. For this, we keep ourselves updated with the latest technological advances, an extensive list of equipment suppliers and service providers for implementation. But most importantly, FinEffi has resolved that monetary problems should not check the implementation of technology. We provide financial support to our customers through leading and trusted organizations. We intend to establish and nurture an ecosystem which makes Indian SMEs & small businesses Energy Efficient.

  • What do I need to do to start saving energy?

    As you have reached this website, we are assured of your intent to save energy in your facility. Now, you have to register yourself as a customer by creating an account in which you will be required to give very conveniently available information (your electricity bill and your fuel bill of any month). Once you have entered your bill amounts, we will provide you the savings potential and you can access your dashboard. Here, as a new customer, you can order your first project and FinEffi will arrange everything for you and implement it at your facility. This being completed, you will start obtaining savings after which you can go for more projects.

  • What data will I require for finding my Savings Potential?

    The data for Savings Potential determination is extremely simple for you to find and enter. You will need: 1]Your business card / Information filled in a form(To establish identity) 2]Your Electricity bill for any month (You can scan the bill using inbuilt camera tool, you can upload a pdf or you can just mention the month name and the bill amount + tariff) 3]Your Fuel type and consumption (HSD/ Furnace Oil/ CNG/LPG etc. with the rate you purchased it at) We have designed FinEffi in a way that using this minimal information, we can predict your Savings Potential with high accuracy.

  • How does FinEffi find my Savings Potential?

    FinEffi has been made possible by the inputs of Energy Efficiency professionals who have shared their data with us. With their actual data put into our Artificial Intelligence engine, we are able to draw a line between experience and reality with giving importance to all the factors at play. The results have been verified for a number of sites with high accuracy.

  • How will FinEffi achieve my Savings Potential?

    FinEffi is much more than telling you how much you can save. With its experience, FinEffi has triangulated on the best technologies which have a proven record for providing savings (achieving energy efficiency). One of the main factors while triangulation was the ability of these projects to provide an attractive Return-On-Investment. These projects, in a sequence of highest ROI to low, are provided to the customer and savings are displayed. Once we generate the customer’s trust in our ability and the technology will recommend, it serves as an automatic motivation for the customer to go for more projects.

  • How do I ‘Buy a Project’?

    Just register and avail all the facilities provided by FinEffi. On the dashboard, click on the tile ‘Buy a Project’ and the application will take you step-by-step to a successful purchase and subsequent implementation.

  • How can I arrange finances for my project?

    FinEffi has strong business association with many leading financial organizations (Banks/NBFCs etc.) who are interested in investing in sustainable technology. Being assured of our and the technology’s performance, they provide many different financial models for availing. During the purchase checkout, when it is time to make payments, you will be provided a number of options. You can either finance your own project or you can avail the services and support of financial organization. The proposal to provide support for your project will be put to the organization with FinEffi’s recommendation.

  • What services will be provided by FinEffi when I ‘Buy a Project’?

    For all its customers, when a project is purchased, FinEffi does the following activities: 1]It provides you the best financial options. 2]It located the best vendors in your vicinity for your project and the service providers for implementation of the equipment. 3]It procures all equipment and ships it to your facility. 4]It assigns a dedicated project team to your facility to take care of the transport and warehousing. The team monitor all activities of the project from here on. 5]It gets the project installed and optimizes the performance of the equipment. Once it passes all the quality control checks, it is commissioned. 6]It provides a facility to check the savings from your projects in a periodical manner.

  • How will I find out the implementation progress of a project?

    On your dashboard, we have provided you the facility to check the implementation of any project. The Project manager has been instructed to update the portal at every project milestone. The implementation can be seen as a progress bar from 0 to 100%. Moreover, to find the exact activity of the project that is on, you can directly message the Project supervisor and he will inform you.

  • Can I monitor my Savings once the project has been implemented?

    Yes! On your dashboard, you can monitor the saving in three periods (daily, weekly and monthly). You can also weigh these savings against your EMI and find out the benefit.

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